#54: The KEY Stopping You Making Sales

I’ve attended countless sales trainings and events in my life time?


Read countless books on the subject?


I’ve listened to hours and hours of audio on it too?


Here’s something I’ve noticed about almost EVERY one of them?


Whether it’s a live event, book, audio CD or whatever?


For the most part? They don’t work for everyone!


Two Consultants could take the exact same training, sell the same product, at the same price, using the exact same strategies they learnt?


But then go out into the real world and get very different results?


One will see a dramatic increase in their sales performance?


They’ll speak to more people and convert more of the people they speak to into sales?


But the other? Might see SOME improvement?. But they’ll get nowhere near the success of the first person?


Even though they have access to the same skill set?


And you wona know why?…


It’s because they’re missing the KEY ingredient that makes all the difference?


This key ingredient hardly ever gets mentioned at most the sales training available to you…


Which is a shame, because without this one key thing, you’ll never make as many sales as you should?


Even if you get everything else right?


And this key ingredient is nothing you’re born with?


It doesn’t come naturally but is something that CAN be taught, if you’re aware of it?.


And that’s exactly what we’re discussing during this week episode of the ‘Maverick Marketer Unleashed’ podcast
Check out this episode!

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