He was in no way qualified to give me his opinion on how I shouldn’t or should be running my business.



The very same marketing he’s criticising, the very same marketing that he’s saying that I should be doing differently is the same marketing that compelled him to pick up the phone and ask about my services in the first place.



“If you want to revolutionize your business and take control of your life your need to become immune to criticism about your business practises and your marketing messages. The only criticism that counts is the criticism from the market if the form of poor sales. Only dollars get the vote. Your spouse doesn’t get a vote, your mother in law doesn’t get a vote, your idiot peers who bow down to industry norms don’t get a vote, nobody gets to vote but except your customers and they only get to vote with their money.”



In Marketing, In business there’s not really room for opinions, there’s not really room for guess work or preconceptions. To get the best results we have to committed to testing.



Just test it and let the added sales or the better results be the only feedback that you listen to.



If you’re not getting any criticism yet, if you haven’t faced it yet in your business then it’s simply a sign that you’re not doing enough!


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