#52: Why You’re Losing Out On Business Revenue and Profits

A new episode of the ‘Maverick Marketer Unleashed’ podcast is available today and in this episode I talk about an area of business that most Coaches, Trainers and Consultants  ignore.


And if you’re ignoring it too you’re leaving thousands in business revenue and profits on the table.


The charity missed out on the donation, he of course missed out on my support and I missed out because I would have loved to support a cause that he was passionate about.



Marketing is not rocket science! It doesn’t take a genius to know how to market well, half the battle is just being THE person or business that the prospect thinks of first when they’re in the position to buy.



If you believe that your service or your products are genuinely the best solution for your potential clients or you’ve got the best solution to solve the problem your potential clients are having, then it’s your duty to do everything that you can to convince them to buy.



The right way to follow up is to provide people with valuable information.



If you don’t believe your products going to solve the problem your clients having, then how you going to convince them to believe it?



All of a sudden you neglect the follow up and somebody else swoops in…

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